Company's info

Hanipol F.H. Arkadiusz Hanik
Szymanowskiego street 9b
41-219 Sosnowiec
VAT reg no: PL6440511067
Infoline: 801-080-235


Tel.: +48 32 363-45-93
Fax: +48 32 263-72-49
GSM: +48 601-425-930
Skype: hanipol.export

Retail sales

Tel .: +48 32 363-45-92
Tel .: +48 32 263-55-58 ext. 101
Fax: +48 32 263-72-49


Tel.: +48 32 263-55-58 wew. 102
skype: kate.hanipol

Data for bank transfers:

PLN: 88 2490 0005 0000 4530 8104 3259
EURO: PL73 2490 0005 0000 4600 3314 8377
USD: PL47 2490 0005 0000 4600 3092 3956
GBP: PL86 2490 0005 0000 4600 2378 7352
CZK: PL62 2490 0005 0000 4600 6498 3393

Alior Bank S.A., ul. Łopuszańska 38d, 02-232 Warszawa

Branch in Sosnowiec

Szymanowskiego street 9b
41-29 Sosnowiec

mobile: +48 32 263-55-58, +48 32 263-66-57
GSM: +48 601-439-289
Fax: +48 32 263-72-49
Skype: hanipol-info

Branch in Warsaw

Modlińska street 379
03-151 Warszawa

tel: +48 22 614-66-91, +48 22 676-89-39
GSM: +48 601-505-020
Skype: hanipol-info


How to get acquainted with Hanipol’s offer?

There are several possibilities, the fastest way is to use our online catalogues at If you have limited access to the internet you can order them by phone. We offer printed materials and electronic product catalogues on CDs.

How to start our cooperation?

The best solution is to visit the Hanipol in Sosnowiec or Warsaw. Meeting at the showroom filled with thousands of products will allow you to rethink strategies for further development. If you do not have any free time to meet in person, you can always call or email us.

How long is the wait for an order?

99% of our products are available in stock. We currently sell approximately 8,000 different products. Our customers can keep an eye on which products are currently in production and when will they be delivered, all on our portal.

Does the offer Hanipol F.H. It is constant or changing?

Hanipol F.H. quickly react to changing market trends. For sale are still introduced new models, but also we ensure that the best products are sold at a fixed offer. Hanipol F.H. It has its own design studio that is constantly working on new projects.

How will my order get delivered?

Hanipol uses courier services with discounted rates due to long term contracts.


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