1. How to get acquainted with Hanipol’s offer?
There are several possibilities, the fastest way is to use our online catalogues at www.sale.hanipol.com. If you have limited access to the internet you can order them by phone. We offer printed materials and electronic product catalogues on CDs.

2. I like the products offered by Hanipol. How to start our cooperation?
The best solution is to visit the Hanipol in Sosnowiec or Warsaw. Meeting at the showroom filled with thousands of products will allow you to rethink strategies for further development. If you do not have any free time to meet in person, you can always call or email us.

3. How long is the wait for an order?
99% of our products are available in stock. We currently sell approximately 8,000 different products. Our customers can keep an eye on which products are currently in production and when will they be delivered, all on our portal.

4. Does the offer Hanipol F.H. It is constant or changing?
Hanipol F.H. quickly react to changing market trends. For sale are still introduced new models, but also we ensure that the best products are sold at a fixed offer. Hanipol F.H. It has its own design studio that is constantly working on new projects.

5. How will my order get delivered?
Hanipol uses courier services with discounted rates due to long term contracts.

6. What are the terms of payment, if I have to pay with cash?
With the establishment of permanent cooperation with customers Hanipol F.H. It offers interest-trade credit. The delay in payment is dependent on the negotiated conditions, a trend, especially the size of the purchase.

7. Am interested in the products of this industry, but I can’t seem to find what I am looking for, can Hanipol help me in any way?
Besides the offer shown in the pictures, Hanipol supplies products to specific customer needs. Once we are let known of your explicit needs, we commission productions in the world’s factories and are responsible for your product from the time of placing the order until it’s delivered to your doorstep.

8. Does Hanipol provide any assistance towards their products?
Yes. We do! We have our own advertising materials available as sales support, in the form of leaflets, posters, stands & many more. The vast majority of advertising materials we provide are free of any charge. We are also able to produce any materials customized with our customer’s company data. Details to be negotiated.

9. I already own a store, but have no furniture to put more products. Is Hanipol able to help me?
Yes we are. If the client wants to be involved in the sale of products offered by Hanipol, there is a always a possibility of free furniture lending to display our products. See Trade Offer> Help in sales.

10. Is Hanipol F.H. applies to their clients exclusivity in sales?
Hanipol has a policy of customer protection. It entails the fact that before selling a product to a new customer, we first check whether it would violate interests of already existing customers. You can also obtain market exclusivity for a certain group of goods. Conditions are set individually.

11. Does Hanipol have a discount system?
Yes it does, Hanipol appreciates the involvement of our customer and the volume of their purchases. Discount table is available at points of sale.

12. How customers are informed about new products introduced to the market?
Each product introduced for sale is always photographed and placed on our website www.sale.hanipol.com, often the pictures are already taken at the stage of production, what allows for much earlier preorders. This enables customers that they will get exactly what they are ordering. It becomes a standard that the pictures of new products are available for customers approximately 30 days prior to the start of sales.

13. How are products packaged?
Each product has its own individual packaging, in the vast majority of cases it is a gift packaging of the highest quality, which no longer requires additional wrapping. In many cases, the product already has an advertising gift bag, which is an integral part of the product.

14. Does Hanipol F.H. sell beyond the Polish border?
Yes, in fact more than half of our sales. Sales beyond the Polish borders. are carried out from the warehouse in Sosnowiec, Warsaw, and directly from factories in China and Australia.