We hope that you’ve seen our catalogues and our rich offer has made a good impression. Why not be tempted to sell such products?

Still in doubt?

You might not have a ton of experience nor any huge amounts of cash avaialble. You might not even have cabinets in which to display products nor a good sense of customer needs.

Not to worry, you aren’t alone on this path!

Once you decide to engage with Hanipol F.H. you get yourself an incredible help in the first, crucial steps leading to success and stable position on the market.

First of all – we have the experience you need.

And we do not hesitate to share it with you. We know the tastes of common consumers and we know how to display our products in the most attractive of ways. If you are not new to the industry and simply want to change or expand your offer, you do not need to be convinced about how important it is to attractively display a well-chosen set of products. Nonetheless you too can benefit from our help.

Further, you do not need have to enormous cash on hand to enter into our customer base.

We are so confident in the quality of our products that it’s almost enough that you simply want to sell them.

We will even take care of the display cabinets for you!

The only condition to use them is to use them for Hanipol’s products exclusively. Unlike many other companies we do not have any doubt towards the attractiveness of our offer and do not place any upfront demands on your turnover. It will sell itself. Furniture is stylistically suited to our offer, has the possibility of closing the front glass doors, and often has its own lighting. We even provide free transportation, installation and attractive logo on the front lines of our furniture.